lundi 9 mai 2011

Pas de Google Chrome sur PS3

Contrairement aux rumeurs persistantes, il semblerait que Google Chrome ne viendra sur PlayStation 3.

Les rumeurs sont apparues sur un blog hollandais vers lequel Sony c'était tourné pour recruter un ingénieur mentionnant "Google Chrome".

La réaction de Sony:

"Thanks for posting but it's just the same quote from a Netherlands blog that quoted androvsky in this thread before he discovered ChromeClientPOSIX was referring to the browser chrome not "Google Chrome" the web browser. They republished it (without checking for accuracy) when Sony used "Monster" job search for the Webkit software engineer.

If we were not checking for ourselves we would believe, as others who do not bother to read this thread, that Chrome is coming to the PS3.

Definition of: browser chrome

The borders of a Web browser window, which include the window frames, menus, toolbars and scroll bars. When designing a Web page, the browser chrome must be added to determine the width of the page."

Il s'agissait en fin de compte d'un malentendu sur la définition de 'chrome', dommage!

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